A Hay Parody

┬ęThe Equestrian Life As told by Coral Isabella Aurora I wake up every morning to the early sun, looking forward to a day of equestrian fun, when alas I find a piece of hay in my cereal. The feeling is ethereal; how in the world did it get there? Early morning chores ensue, with so… Continue reading A Hay Parody

New Upcoming Events!

I am very excited to announce new book signing dates; they’re the first in two years. I am visiting Rhode Island for multiple book signings in the upcoming months. I will also add more events in different states around the United States. 2021 Book Signings Scituate Art Festival 554 W Greenville RdNo. Scituate, RI 02857… Continue reading New Upcoming Events!

Finished the First Draft!

Exciting news everyone! I finished the first draft of a children’s book in my newest series. This darling book is written in rhymes. Now I am working on the second edit (out of, perhaps, ten edits and revisions) and will be creating the illustrations within the next few months. I can’t say much about this… Continue reading Finished the First Draft!

Video Game Guilty Pleasures

So, despite the warmer weather and signs of spring, I feel that everyone needs a pick-me-up since the world has not quite returned to normal. I know of a few events that have already been canceled, such as the Once Upon a book Authors Ball 2021, and I haven’t heard word of art fairs reopening.… Continue reading Video Game Guilty Pleasures

True Love Waits March 2021

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a True Love Waits post. Eternal love was my original inspiration for writing books, besides my genuine love for the craft of creating worlds and beautiful stories. Things have been hectic for the last year, so I haven’t felt as inspired to write poetry. I am… Continue reading True Love Waits March 2021

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