Happy Birthday

Friday, July 3rd, was my Birthday. It's weird to not have fireworks on my Birthday for the first time. The changes are a bit hard to get used to. I had a great day starting with a fun horseback riding lesson. I am starting to learn to jump horses, and I'm loving it. My goal … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Staying Inside

Hi Readers, I hope you are doing all right. Everything has been hectic in the world right now, but if we work together everything will seem a lot less scary. The best we can do right now is follow the guidelines for our state. Social distancing is no joke, and staying inside can save someone's … Continue reading Staying Inside

Book Tour Update

Hello readers, I hope that you are remaining healthy and safe during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many changes in everyone's lives because of the outbreak of this new virus. Countless people have to work from home, are quarantined in their houses, and are scared for the future. Then countless people are also … Continue reading Book Tour Update

My Love Bug

As promised, pictures of my doggy Valentine! Love you all! 🧁💗 Thank you for following my blog and reading my books! I will get to posting some music soon. But, right now I am working on the new book for this summer. Exciting! ♥️