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Service Dog FAQ

Hi Everyone, Here is a post about service dogs. I thought that this would be a wonderful entry for my blog, since my service dog inspired the character Prince in my newest book. Prince is a loyal service dog often mistaken for a shape-shifted prince by the quirky strangers in “The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving… Continue reading Service Dog FAQ

Knight and Princess, Prologue

This has been a long-standing argument for me. People have stated online that Disney princesses are not feminist. “They’re always saved by a prince.” Growing up raised on Disney films, I always believed in having a prince charming. But I never learned Disney princesses relied on a prince to save them by watching the films.… Continue reading Knight and Princess, Prologue

Dungeons, Dragons, and Drama Part 2

This last weekend, during the second session of Dungeons and Dragons, our family friend could not play the game. So, my brother’s fiance took his place. After our first session’s fierce battle with goblins, and several misplaced D20s rolled a critical failure, two characters were left unconscious. My brother and his fiance (who now played… Continue reading Dungeons, Dragons, and Drama Part 2


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The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film

By Coral Isabella Aurora

The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film is a hilarious young adult horror comedy. The sarcastic, tongue-and-cheek humor is entertaining for older audiences and adolescence. Told from the perception of a sarcastic teenage ghost, this tale follows her quest to save eight clueless, curious teenagers from a murderous mansion on Halloween night. Filled to the brim with both funny and terrifying monsters, this is a great book for people who love horror, paranormal romance, and comedies.


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